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Labels and licenses

Labels are an important part of the control. All label related business runs through van Vliet New Plants. The labels are available in minimal three languages (Dutch, English and German), but more languages are available.

The label always states that it concerns a protected product (including the patent or application number) to make clear that propagation is prohibited without prior permission. Moreover, the label contains appropriate product information and a clear picture of the plant as well as plant information in the form of codes.

Van Vliet New Plants has agreements with various label producers, like Floramedia, Smit-Labels and Design Star. For protected plants exploited within the van Vliet New Plants network, no labels other labels may be developed or delivered, without permission. This guarantees the control of the labels and prevents unauthorized labels from being marketed.

If during a check a label is found that has not been developed or permitted by van Vliet New Plants, the breeder or vendor is addressed and if necessary legal action will be taken.


With use of the labels there is a clear understanding of the sales and plants avaiable in nurseries. In addition, all companies in the network are randomly checked where all plants or cuttings are counted and checked with the specified numbers.

Besides that, van Vliet New Plants visits many national and international exhibitions and checks all supplies and demands over the internet as well as stock lists. To protect our breeders, all illegally propagated plant material will be destroyed.

Van Vliet New Plants also daily checks all plants that are brought to auction.