I have a new plant! And now?

If you find a new species or a variation to an existing product, or if you are propagating to develop new plants, then you need take some steps to apply for plant breeder's rights.

As a breeder, first of all you will multiply your gain and follow it for several years in order to observe the properties of the new product and gain more experience with the new plant. After you are convinced that the product is good enough for the market, then the time has come that arrange some things.

What am I going to do with my new plant?

If you are convinced of the quality of your new product, contact van Vliet New Plants. Like no other we know if your new plants has sufficient potential for additional test and plant breeder's rights

The first step is often to make a test agreement, after which we place out a number of plants at specialist growers from our extensive network. During a certain period of time (usually 2 years) they will test the new plant on its qualities and properties, to be able to make a good review of it. This trial period is free of charge if van Vliet New Plants has the option of licensing the plant.

As plant breeder you are more than busy, so with our specialized market knowledge and selection of the best breeders, you can be certain that your new plant is tested under the best conditions.

What happens after the test phase?

If the plant has withstand the trial period, plant breeder's rights can be applied for. Plant breeder's right can be applied for a single country, a continent or the whole world. Van Vliet New Plants advises herein. Certain cost apply when applying for plant breeder's rights.

Most of the times, the official application is submitted to the Community Plant Variety Office (CPVO) in France also. Immediately after submittal, an application number is created. This number can be used on the first labels when selling the first plants.

What does the CPVO with my application?

In order to apply for community plant breeders' rights, the applied plants undergo a trial of one year. Practice shows that for taking a final decision - in most cases - a second year of research is needed, before a descision is made to grant the rights. Costs apply to both survey years.

For the CPVO tests, 10 to 15 plants must be supplied upon request. Those plants must show their unique properties, within a year. Therefore we usually work with biennial container plants. In their study, the CPVO looks at the characteristics of the variety and compares it to similar species. Furtthermore, they look at the uniformity and consistancy of the variety.

When the test is completed successfully, the plant breeder's right is granted and the official patent number is released.

What are the costs of a complete plant breeder's rights process

Certain costs apply to an application. Therefore, it is of vital importance that your new plant variety can answer all demands (new, distinguishable, uniform and consistant). With our extensive knowledge of the market we prevent applicating a plant that will not payback itself later on. For promising new varieties, our extensive world wide breeders network ensures that your unique product in good hands to gain the highest effort form your investment.

The first application, including two survey years by the CVPO, cost about € 3,500. If the plant breeder's right is granted, yearly maintenance costs of about € 300 apply.

We wil gladly show you the return on your investment when applying for plant breeder's rights. Please contact us.


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