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Rosa Isn't she® Pretty (pbr)

Compact flower-power

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  • Series of 5 different colors
  • Compact habit
  • Selected for healthiness

The Rosa Isn't She® series consists of 5 different flower colors: Red, White, Pink, Yellow & Orange. The varieties have been selected for their compact habit and healthiness. In addition, the Rosa Isn't She® varieties flower easily and very uniform.

Rosa Isn't She® Pretty (pbr) flowers abundantly with white/salmon colored flowers, which form a nice contrast with the dark green foliage.
The plant stays compact and therefore has an optimal loading factor. Isn't She® Pretty (pbr) naturally branches out easily, which means that less pruning is necessary.
Rosa Isn't She® Pretty (pbr) is not sensitive to diseases and pests and can be grown optimally in a 2 or 3 liter pot.

Jan Spek Rozen BV
Zijde 155
2771 EV Boskoop
the Netherlands
Tel: +31 0172212120

Sublicense holders

the Netherlands

Weber Stekcultures V.O.F.

Beekweg 27
7887 TN Erica
Tel: 0591-301855


Szkolka Roz Rosarium

Radliniec 6
63-040 Nowe Miasto nad Warta
Tel: 0048 509 465 893

  • Genus Rosa
  • Species hybrid
  • Product range Shrubs
  • Official name Rosa Spe B17/0447-25 (pbr) Isn't she® Pretty
  • PVR
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