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Picea glauca 'Sun on the Sky'

Bright blue needles with white young shoots in spring

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  • Bright blue needles like 'Sanders Blue'
  • White young shoots in spring like 'Daisy's White'
  • Strong pyramidal habit

Picea glauca 'Sun on the Sky' got its name from the yellow needles which appear on the plant in summer. 'Sun on the Sky' has nice upright and pyramid shape properties making it a solitary jewel in any garden. In 2004, 'Sun on the Sky' was found as a sport in Picea glauca 'Sanders Blue Select'. Picea glauca 'Sun on the Sky' is a slow-growing conifer with a dense, compact, and upright growth. The plant has small, soft, dense needles. In spring, the new young spurs are pale-yellow. In late summer, early autumn it colors back to light blue. In 10 years, 'Sun on the Sky' grows to a shrub of one meter tall. The plant grows in any soil, and likes a place in the sun or partial shade. Because of its good hardiness and beautiful coloring, 'Sun on the Sky' provides many years of joy in the border or on the patio.

'Sun on the Sky' has won a medal at the Gardenia, Poland in 2017.

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  • Genus Picea
  • Species glauca
  • Product range Conifers
  • Official name Picea glauca 'Sun on the Sky' (pbr)
  • PVREU45295
  • Plant Patent JPN34722
  • Plant Patent KORFS304
  • Plant Patent UKUK45295
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