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Picea glauca 'Miss Solar'

Perfect pyramidal habit with yellow young shoots

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  • Perfect pyramidal habit
  • Intense yellow young shoots
  • Compact variety

Picea glauca 'Miss Solar' (pbr) has a dense, perfect symmetrical habit. The young shoots are intensive yellow in spring and slowly turn into green in summer.

The plant tolerates most soils and grows well in full sun. 'Miss Solar' is not susceptible to sunburn. 

Recommended for small gardens, rock gardens and in pot on the patio. A real treat for collectors of dwarf varieties!

Kaluzinscy, A&M
Boczki-Parcela 14
98-240 Szadek
Tel: 0048-438217187

Sublicense holders

the Netherlands

Hoof Zevenaar

Dijkweg 25
6905 BA Zevenaar
Tel: 0316-525424

  • Genus Picea
  • Species glauca
  • Product range Conifers, New
  • Official name Picea glauca 'Miss Solar' (pbr)
  • PVREU58703
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