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Picea abies 'Wild Strawberry'

Dark red young shoots

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  • Compact ball shaped habit
  • Dark red young shoots

Picea abies 'Wild Strawberry' (pbr) is a very slow-growing spruce. It has a dense, flat spherical, regular habit. After 10 years Picea ‘Wild Strawberry will be max. 0.4 m high and 0.5 m wide. The characteristic feature of this unique variety is the red-pink color of young cones growing on the ends of shoots!

‘Wild Strawberry’ prefers sun, moderately fertile soils & moderately moist. Perfectly suitable for small gardens, rock gardens and for growing in containers.

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  • Genus Picea
  • Species abies
  • Product range Conifers
  • Official name Picea abies 'Wild Strawberry' (pbr)
  • PVREU53651
  • Plant Patent UKUK53651
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