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Physocarpus opulifolius Magic Sunset

Compact, well branching Physocarpus

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  • Compact variety
  • Orange foliage which changes in color to dark red
  • Ramifies very well

A compact growing and well branching Physocarpus. Magic Sunset emerges in the spring with dark orange shoots that turn dark red during the year. The plant flowers profusely on 2 year old wood. The good branching makes Magic Sunset easier to grow into a deliverable product.

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Lilaveronica Sarl
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the Netherlands

Van Vliet New Plants

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Kaneya Co. LTD

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470-3412 Minamichita, Chita, Aichi
Tel: +81 569 65 1256

Sublicense holders

the Netherlands

Hoof Zevenaar

Dijkweg 25
6905 BA Zevenaar
Tel: 0316-525424


Josef Vanwynsberghe BVBA

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United Kingdom

Newey Limited

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Gospodarstwo Szkolkarskie Izabela i Pawel Marcinkow

Mnichowice 48
63-640 Bralin
Tel: 0048 537 207 627

  • Genus Physocarpus
  • Species opulifolius
  • Product range Shrubs, New
  • Official name Physocarpus opulifolius 'PHY 2009 Red compact 1' (pbr) Magic Sunset
  • PVRApplied for
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