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Physocarpus opulifolius Magic Sunrise

Colorchanging from orange to red

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  • Colorchanging from orange to red
  • Bright red new shoots
  • Medium height

Physocarpus Magic Sunrise emerges in spring with bright red shoots that turn dark red and then orange during the growing season. The plant grows to about 1.5 meters high and has a ball-shaped habit. After pruning, Magic Sunrise branches out very easily. All in all a good addition to the Physocarpus assortment.

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Lilaveronica Sarl
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Van Vliet New Plants

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Kaneya Co. LTD

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Hoof Zevenaar

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Josef Vanwynsberghe BVBA

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Gospodarstwo Szkolkarskie Izabela i Pawel Marcinkow

Mnichowice 48
63-640 Bralin
Tel: 0048 537 207 627

  • Genus Physocarpus
  • Species opulifolius
  • Product range Shrubs, New
  • Official name Physocarpus opulifolius 'AMBRE 2' (pbr) Magic Sunrise
  • PVRApplied for
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