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Fargesia murieliae 'Lolliloops'

'Lolliloops' has a compact growth and does not invade your garden

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  • Non invasive
  • Medium size - 150cm high
  • The branches hang out widely

Fargesia murieliae 'Lolliloops' has a compact growth and does not invade your garden. The plant grows to a maximum height of 150cm. The branches hang out widely. 'Lolliloops' is hardy up to appr. -25ᵒ. It does not require much maintenance in the garden. This beautiful asset can be used for hedging or solitaire. With  its compactness it is especially suited for smaller gardens,  balcony or terrace. The plant grows well in full sun as well in semi shade.

Baumschule Herzog
Ollenharderstrasse 58
26655 Westerstede
Tel: 0049-44099729702


the Netherlands

Van Vliet New Plants

Stroeërweg 14
3776 MJ Stroe
Tel: 0342 - 444 344

Sublicense holders


Herzog, Baumschule

Ollenharderstrasse 58
26655 Westerstede
Tel: 0049-44099729702

Zu Jeddeloh Pflanzen

Wischenstrasse 7
26188 Edewecht/jeddeloh 1
Tel: 0049-440591800

United Kingdom

Wyevale Nurseries Limited

King's Acre
HR4 7AY Hereford
Tel: 0044-1432845200

  • Genus Fargesia
  • Species murieliae
  • Product range Ornamental grasses and bamboo
  • Official name Fargesia murieliae 'Lolliloops' (pbr)
  • PVREU40963
  • Plant Patent UKUK40963
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