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Fargesia murieliae 'Elias'

Compact habit and unique low growth habit

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  • Compact ball shaped habit
  • Non invasive
  • Maximum 50/60cm high

Fargesia murieliae 'Elias' is a refreshing new bamboo which does not invade your garden. Instead it is used for its compact size and its unique low growth habit. 'Elias' originated from seed of the Fargesia murieliae and was selected by Frank Schnupper for its compact growth. Just like his little brother 'Luca', 'Elias' is just as compact and can grow into a shrub of 50 to 60cm high and one meter wide. New shoots remain compact. 'Elias' is an easy plant requiring little or no work in the garden. It prefers partial shade. 'Elias' is hardy to 25 degrees frost and with its compact growth it can keep its position for many years. Together with his little brother 'Luca', these two 'Bamboo Brothers' are the lowest Fargesia murieliae in the market. Overall a nice plant to decorate any garden or terrace.

'Elias' won a golden medal at the GrootGroenPlus show in 2017. 'Elias' was also nominated for best novelty of 2017 in the Netherlands.

Schnupper Baumschule
Friesenstrasse 1
26655 Westerstede
Tel: 0049-44883618


the Netherlands

Van Vliet New Plants

Stroeërweg 14
3776 MJ Stroe
Tel: 0342 - 444 344


Biotope 45 - Globe Planter

Chemin des Sablons 1
F45500 Gien
Tel: 0033-238296976


Plant Network Co. Ltd.

196-5 Kido,
639-2161 Katsuragi, Nara
Tel: +81745488889


Daelim Nursery Inc.

842 Iwon-myeon
Okcheon-gu Chungcheongbuk-do
Tel: +31 6 4693 1100

Sublicense holders

the Netherlands

Kwekerij de Woerthe

Meenteweg 10a
7971 RZ Havelte
Tel: 0521-351314


Baumschule Poplawski

Friesenstraße 29
26655 Westerstede
Tel: 0049 4488 840 960

Gerhard Borchers Pflanzenhandels GmbH & Co.

Petersfehn 11, Woldlinie 64
D-26160 Bad Zwischenahn
Tel: 0049-4486919610

Renke zur Mühlen, Inh. Fokko zur Muhlen, Baumschule

Neuenkruger Strasse 16a
26160 Bad-zwischenahn
Tel: 0049-44032970


Friesenstrasse 1
26655 Westerstede
Tel: 0049-1606063018

Zu Jeddeloh Pflanzen

Wischenstrasse 7
26188 Edewecht/jeddeloh 1
Tel: 0049-440591800

United Kingdom

Wyevale Nurseries Limited

King's Acre
HR4 7AY Hereford
Tel: 0044-1432845200


Craignish Nursery

PA31 8Q Ardfern, Lochgilphead
Tel: 0044-1852500670


Gospodarstwo szkolkarskie krzewow ozdobnyct Burziwoda

Kobyla Gora
63-507 Ul. Orkana 1a
Tel: +48-627317182


Vivai Nord snc Di A.G. Sartori E C.

Via Brianza 1
22040 Lurago D'Erba (CO)
Tel: 0039-031699749

  • Genus Fargesia
  • Species murieliae
  • Product range Ornamental grasses and bamboo
  • Official name Fargesia murieliae 'Elias' (pbr)
  • PVREU51516
  • Plant Patent JPN34837
  • Plant Patent KOR201008
  • Plant Patent UKUK51516
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