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Dahlia 'Little Swan' ®

White flowers with very dark foliage

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  • White flowers
  • Compact habit
  • Black foliage

A great new Dahlia with black foliage. Dahlia 'Little Swan'® has a compact habit with bright white flowers. The heart of the flowers is yellow which gives a nice contrast. Also the contrast between the black foliage and the flowers is superb.

The flowers of Dahlia 'Little Swan'® are well above the foliage and the plant attracts many bees.
Dahlia 'Little Swan'® is best suitable to be grown in 2 L containers.

Preijde Bloembollen
Molenvaart 230a
1764 AW Breezand
the Netherlands
Tel: 0620209898



Kaneya Co. LTD

34 Susagaoka Toyohama
470-3412 Minamichita, Chita, Aichi
Tel: +81 569 65 1256

Sublicense holders


Gospodarstwo Ogrodnicze Aleksandra Kusibab-Wyka

Prandocin Ily 88a
32-090 Slomniki
Tel: 0048-792714944

  • Genus Dahlia
  • Species hybrid
  • Product range Perennials, New
  • Official name Dahlia 'Little Swan' ®
  • PVRTM EU018629583
  • Plant Patent UKTM UK00003754444
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