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Agapanthus Su Casa

Flower power! Flowers very quickly and with many flower stems

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  • Very early flowering
  • Faster growing
  • Fills the pot much faster
  • Every leaf is 2 flowers

Agapanthus '19005' (pbr) Su Casa has been selected from more than 20,000 seedlings in Belgium. The aim of the breeding process was: as many flower stems as possible and at the same time a plant that fills the pot quickly and is healthy.

Agapanthus Su Casa (pbr) is the blue brother of Agapanthus Mi Casa (pbr). These 2 types can be optimally combined to be sold as a series.

Su Casa gives 2/3 flowers on each leaf shoot, this ensures that the plant already produces 7/8 flowers on a P9 and 20+ flowers in C2/C3 as the end product. Due to this flowering power, the plant is ready to deliver much faster than common Agapanthus species!

Due to its compact growth habit (maximum height of 60 cm including flower), Agapanthus Su Casa is also a great addition from a logistical point of view.

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  • Genus Agapanthus
  • Species hybrid
  • Product range Perennials, New
  • Official name Agapanthus '19005' (pbr) Su Casa
  • PVR2022/2863
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