For growers, it is impossible to imagine their assortment with- out the varieties protected by plant breeder rights. Van Vliet New Plants offers growers the opportunity to expand their assortment with new products. So how does it work exactly?

If you wish to expand your assortment with one of the varieties offered by Van Vliet New Plants, then please contact us. We will then examine whether license contracts for the variety concerned are available and whether or not your company fits in our network.

There are four types of contracts.

Test agreement

This offers you the opportunity to test the variety in terms of reproducibility, cultivation-technical properties, flowering performance and market value. A test agreement enables you to see for yourself whether the variety suits you well. You are not yet allowed to sell the product.

License per item

This contract offers you the opportunity to reproduce and sell the variety. You will receive a specification form at the beginning of July and January on which you can state the sales of the past six months. You will then receive an invoice based on that specification.

License contract per label

This contract also offers you the opportunity to reproduce and sell the variety. In advance you pay the license fee over the purchased labels. Optionally you cab develop your own label. Van Vliet New Plants will judge the label before it is released for production.

Label contract

This contract offers you the opportunity to purchase plants without a label or licence, which you can then sell with your own label. Van Vliet New Plants must continuously be informed by means of a certificate of indemnification from your supplier of the number of plants sold to you (NOTE! You have to sign for this yourself as well, in order to ensure that this happens). This gives you the freedom to use your own label style with one of our licensed varieties, which you cannot reproduce yourself.

Which contact for you?

Would you like to know what contract suits your needs and opportunities best? Feel free to contact us. We are pleased to help you out on the choice of the best contract for your situation.



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