Yushania anceps 'Geysir'(pbr)

Yushania anceps 'Geysir' is a refreshing new bamboo which does not invade your garden. 'Geysir' has an upright, columnar form (like a geyser). Therefore the bamboo is very suitable for hedging!

The Yushania is not sensitive to pests and diseases. The foliage is dark green and can handle the sun (in summer) very well.

New shoots are blue-green colored and change into dark green when mature. Yushania anceps 'Geysir' prefers moist drained soil, but can also handle dry conditions. 

The bamboo is frosthardy (-25 °C)


Yushania anceps 'Geysir'(pbr)
PVR: 2019/0512
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