Thuja occidentalis 'King of Brabant' (pbr)

Thuja occidentalis 'King of Brabant' distinguishes itself from all other Brabant  forms by his strong upright growth. 'King of Brabant' grows very compact and dense, and all new shoots grow straight up shaping itself into a pyramid. This new Thuja is virtually disease free and therefore it has no problems with pests and diseases which could result in a deterioration in the product. 'King of Brabant' is very hardy and has already endured several periods of 25° frost.
The usual application of 'King of Brabant' is as a hedge or solitary plant. However, 'King of Brabant' also does well in pot or tub. For growers 'King of Brabant' is an ideal plant since it hardly needs to be pruned and therefore it can grow in several years in full soil into a finished product.


Thuja occidentalis 'King of Brabant' (pbr)
PVR: EU54884
Plant Patent USA: PP29.678
Plant Patent CAN: Appl. 17-9160
License: € 0,20


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