Skimmia japonica Rubesta® Optima (pbr) 'Moeropti'

Skimmia japonica Rubesta® Optima is a huge improvement of the well known 'Rubella'. Optima has a beautiful nice orange red color and long, stirdy panicles. It distinguishes from 'Rubella' by its vigorousity, its beautifel dark green leaves, and on top of that, Optima flowers three to four weeks earlier. The name Rubesta® Optima already implies that it is a robust Skimmia which grows optimally in any spot.Rubesta® Optima flowers from September into March and is a perl for any garden.


Skimmia japonica Rubesta® Optima (pbr) 'Moeropti'
PVR: EU38304
Plant Patent JPN: 32059
2 or more years old: € 0,30
One year old: € 0,15


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