Lonicera nitida 'Golden Glow' (pbr)

'Golden Glow' is a new shrub that immediately draws your attention with its pure yellow leaf color. This new shrub is an ideal species for plots, landscaping and municipal plantings, but also as a pot plant it gives color. 'Golden Glow' was found by Hans Nijland in 2008 as a sport on Lonicera nitida 'Maigrün'. Its leaves are about 1.2 cm long, leathery and have a golden yellow color. 'Golden Glow' grows best in a sunny spot but in the semi shade it can still prove its value. Winter hardiness is sufficient for the Dutch climate, but Van Vliet New Plants BV is also testing its hardiness in Poland and the Czech Republic. 'Golden Glow' needs little care in the garden and can be pruned heavily if desired.
Golden Glow is bronze medal winner at Plantarium 2013 and GrootGroenPlus 2015.


Lonicera nitida 'Golden Glow' (pbr)
PVR: EU41131
Plant Patent USA: PP 26,598
License: € 0,20


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