Crinodendron hookerianum 'Alf Robbins’ (pbr)

Crinodendron hookerianum is a group of evergreen shrubs found Chile. Crinodendron is a slow growing plant, making it an excellent patio plant. 'Alf Robbins' is a novelty from Ireland. Bred by Ravensberg Nurseries, the plant was selected because of its deep incised leaves combined with unique bright white flowers. 'Alf Robbins' is the first Crinondendron with bright white flowers. The plant is hardy until -10°C. 'Alf Robbins' is at its best on a sunny spot in the garden.


Crinodendron hookerianum 'Alf Robbins’ (pbr)
PVR: 2018/1253
License: € 0,30


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