Cordyline 'Paso Doble' (pbr)

The New Cordyline 'Paso Doble' is a variety with very dark foliage.  The Cordyline has a stunning variegated foliage color of burgundy red with brilliant pink in the middle of the leafs. 'Paso Doble' is a upright growing variety and the leafs are strong. The leafs of 'Paso Doble' are upright growing. A mature plant will reach a maximum height of appr. 3 meters high and one meter wide. 'Paso Doble' is not fully frost hardy and need therefore some protection against sharp frost.


Cordyline 'Paso Doble' (pbr)
PVR: 2017/3279
Plant Patent RSA: Appl. for
Plant Patent NZ: Appl. for
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