Clematis ligusticifolia 'Princess Alexandra' (pbr)

Clematis ligusticifolia 'Princess Alexandra' is a subtle climber with striking, pastel-colored, medium-sized flowers. They grow abundantly on this strong, compact plant. Once established in a border or pot, in early spring, single, semi-double and fully double flowers. 

The wide creamy pink petals fade to softer pink tones towards the heart of the flower. The flower heart has golden yellow anthers accentuating the beauty of this princess even more. After flowering in spring 'Princess Alexandra' flowers again in summer with single, semi-double and even double flowers. 'Princess Alexandra' is perfectly suited for borders, fences or in a big pot on the patio. With her excellent hardiness as low as appr. -30°C, 'Princess Alexandra' can be used in any location to reveal her beauty again, every single year.


Clematis ligusticifolia 'Princess Alexandra' (pbr)
PVR: EU11456
Plant Patent USA: PP13,975
Plant Patent CAN: CAN 2671
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