Carpinus betulus 'Minoor1' Minor Globe (pbr)

Carpinus betulus 'Minoor1' Minor Globe (pbr) is a compact, spherical avenue tree. Due to the very compact ball-shaped habit, the tree is very suitable as an avenue / park tree as well as for city plantings!
The tree is also very well suited for topiary pruning.

Minor Globe has the foliage of Carpinus betulus 'Quercifolia'. In addition, the foliage does not expire, which is a big problem in Carpinus b. 'Quercifolia'.

Carpinus betulus 'Minoor1' Minor Globe (pbr) is very frost hardy and therefore also perfectly suitable for use in colder areas.


Carpinus betulus 'Minoor1' Minor Globe (pbr)
PVR: 201904126
License: € 0,50


Karel Roelands

Minoorstraat 5 Tel: 076-5985979
4884 JH Wernhout
the Netherlands

Sublicense holder

the Netherlands

Boomkwekerij de Minoor

Minoorstraat 5Tel: 076-5985979
4884 JH Wernhout

Marcel van Nijnatten

Oekelsebaan 14 Tel: 076-5972779
4881 NG Zundert



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