Buddleja davidii Flutterby™ Lavender (pbr) 'Podaras #11'

The Buddleja Flutterby™ series is a new compact series of Butterfly bushes that includes three different colors. Flutterbys™ are completely non invasive hybrids and will not re-seed and become a nuisance like the common butterfly bushes seen widely in the landscape. These hybrids are also heavily reblooming since the plant does not put energy into seed production but into flower generation. Extensive research by various universities and governments has validated this fact. New flowers are continually produced once the older flowers begin to decline. First flowers will come in late spring, earlier than other cultivars. This series is heavily fragrant and attracts abundant birds and butterflies. Flutterbys™ will reach a height of 5 ft (1.5 meters) and a width of the same and has thrived in temperatures down to minus twenty, Fahrenheit (-29°C). Once established in the garden, these plants are very drought tolerant.

Also for 'Lavender' the general properties for the entire Flutterby™ series apply. Besides that, Buddleja davidii 'Lavender' produces a vast amount of two-colored fragrant flowers. Before these flowers open, they have a dark lavender color and once opened the color fades to a lighter lavender. The leaves of 'Lavender' are gray-green and form a dense, compact shrub flowering very rich and for a prolonged time, until the first frost.


Buddleja davidii Flutterby™ Lavender (pbr) 'Podaras #11'
PVR: EU41028
Plant Patent USA: PP 22,067
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