Weigela x 'JS4' (pbr) Big Love

Weigela x 'JS4' (pbr) Big Love flowers with a lot of rosa/purple flowers. The plant flowers 2 times per year; in spring and in autumn again. The natural habit of Big Love is compact and ball shaped.

The plant is not susceptible to pests and diseases. Foliage of Big Love is bright green.

Weigela x 'JS4' (pbr) Big Love is bred by Boomkwekerij Bert Verhoef from Hazerswoude.
  • Weigela Big Love nr1
    Weigela Big Love nr1
  • Weigela Big Love nr2
    Weigela Big Love nr2
  • Weigela Big Love nr3
    Weigela Big Love nr3
  • Weigela Big Love nr4
    Weigela Big Love nr4


Weigela x 'JS4' (pbr) Big Love
Plant Patent USA: x
Plant Patent JPN: v
Plant Patent RSA: v
Plant Patent CAN: x
Plant Patent AUS: v
Plant Patent NZ: v
Plant Patent KOR: v
License: € 0,30


Bert Verhoef

Burgemeester Smitweg 37Tel: 0172-588292
2391NE Hazerswoude-Dorp
die Niederlande


die Niederlande

G. Hoogenraad Boomkwekerij

Rijksweg 30a Tel: 0318-571665
6744 WB Ederveen

Stolwijk & Zn, Joh.

Rijneveld 71Tel: 0031 172 213 429
2771XW Boskoop


Willy de Nolf NV

Drogenboomstraat 49Tel: 0032-56621111
8790 Waregem


Diderk Heinje Pflanzenhandelsges. mbH & Co. KG

Rüsseldorf 6 Tel: 0049-448692830
D-26188 Jeddeloh 1

Sämann Baumschulen GbR

Spittelwiesenweg 42Tel: 0049 3591 2186 19
02625 Bautzen

W. Eberts OHG - Baumschulpflanzen

Dorfstrasse 130Tel: 0049-410154980
D-25499 Tangstedt / Pinneberg



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